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The Shawl

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I am working in the study and feeling a little chilly. I put on my new shawl and decided I have to write a post on this. You see, I have been wanting to get a shawl, given that shawls are such practical, versatile items to own.

Yet I didn’t own a single piece for the longest time. Even Ky noticed this and once commented how ladies in his office wear shawls a lot but he hasn’t seen me wear one. I agreed how shawls are useful items and that I should get one too once of these days – but I never did. I’m that lazy a shopper.

And I was reminded of this again last Fri when I was freezing cold getting ready for Sharon’s wedding dinner in Club Chinois. In came Ky and he handed me a wrapped up package which turned out to be a cream-colored shawl! He smugly told me he knew I’d be freezing again – well he’s always right ;o

This man can be so sweet sometimes, I just love him to bits!


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May 25, 2009 at 10:21 am

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Inspired & Amused

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I prefer to serve wholesome, healthy breakfast to my husband. Think whole grains, less sugar, low fat, unprocessed – you get the idea. Sometimes though, I like to give him a treat. Especially when I’m out and I see something he would enjoy for next day’s breakfast. We all need a little variety, don’t we? 

This was what Ky had on the eve of Sharon’s wedding – char siew paus and lao po bing from Crystal jade accompanied with Chinese white leaf tea.


Now what has this got to do with Sharon? You see strangely enough, I was inspired that morning to tweak our gatecrashing eats to dim sum ‘treats’ to match Sharon’s Oriental wedding theme!

Instead of just the vinegar & lime mixture , we’ll serve xiao long baos drenched in the sour concoction. Instead of the honey & condensed milk mixture, we’ll serve egg tarts heavily covered with honey. For spicy, we can top siew mais and har gaus with wasabi and chilli padi.

Evil dim sums seems like a totally brilliant idea!

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May 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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I Found a Friend

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How often can you say that these days? Not very often I’d think with everyone’s schedule packed to the brim. You may meet someone you think you could potentially develop a great friendship with, but it takes real effort get out there.

It didn’t help that I’ve discovered over the years that I’m in essence, a very closed up kind of person. I don’t think I come across having such a personality since I’m not the least bit shy or reserved.

Yet, to open up whole-heartedly is something I always find challenging. I need to feel extremely comfortable and safe with a person before I can share my views unbarred.

It was easy with Sharon, a friend I met just three years ago – living proof that it’s not the length of the friendship that matters. I guess it really helped that we have very similar takes to situations and share very similar views right from the start.

But more importantly, Sharon is what I call a tactful truthful friend – the kind of friend everyone needs and ought to be very thankful for if you found one.

Self-discovery is an amazing journey. I used to think I can’t take criticisms well. But I’ve since realized it’s really the manner that it’s delivered that makes the difference. No one likes a helpful but very hurtful criticism, no?

Sharon is a master at telling you what you need to know, however upsetting it may be, without upsetting you – a real gem to have!

Here’s a recent pic (pardon the blurry image) of us at PS Palais going through her wedding details. Congrats on the wedding, babe!


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May 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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Robbo’s Bday

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It’s been awhile since we hung out with Rob, my lil bro since he just returned from his student exchange in France. It was his birthday and we chose to chill out at the Botanic Gardens @ Halia.

For an age gap of five years, my bro and I share an amazingly close relationship. Sharing heaps of cuddles and kisses through the years, the boy followed me to bookstores, chilled out with me in cafes, he’s quite a darling for most part of the times ;p  

I hope we remain close for the years to come and you know ygj always loves you, Rob!


Love this pic of Rob & Jac - sweet =)


He hates this pic, but I love his toothsome grin =)


The ones with the chilli crab spaghettini... slurp!


Jac with her char siew salmon & me with my tofu aubergine


Wishing upon his birthday parfait - the young ginger pineapple dessert was refreshing!


People tell us we look alike, do we?


We just had to top the meal off with a tray of tea treats!

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May 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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My Cousin from Taiwan

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My cousin, Stephen was in town for a short trip. It’s been awhile since we last saw him. But nothing’s changed, he’s ever well-mannered and gentle like his Taiwanese mum with a good sense of humor like his dad, my third uncle. 

It was heartwarming seeing him again and I wish we get to see each other more often. We packed his days to the brim during his short stay here coz he was such a nice guest to have – maybe too obliging for his own good coz everyone stuffed him with all the local delights we can think of. I hope you have burned off all those calories, Cousin!


Us at Boon Tong Kee - he's gotta have chicken rice, no?


At Wala Wala, for Stephen enjoys live music


Farewell dinner at Palm Beach, Dempsey - he loved the chilli crabs!

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May 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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Mother’s Day Brunch

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Ok, it was more lunch than brunch by the time I got everything ready. The eve of party was one busy day and I just couldn’t find time to make ahead some of the items.

Thankfully, Jac came over earlier to help chop up the pancake fruit toppings and put together the sandwiches. Missing my big sis (away in HK for her house hunt) who would have been able to lend great help in the kitchen.

As mentioned earlier, I had envisioned a buffet table in hues of deep red and blue. I’m loving my new blue/white table runner matched with Chinese porcelain vases (from Dad) filled with blooming red roses.

The highlight of the day really was having our cousins from Malaysia and Taiwan with us in Singapore, truly a rare occasion!

Even more heartwarming’s that despite not seeing each other for awhile, it was just like old times when we gathered. Everyone had a roaring good time bantering and exchanging jokes – so much laughter and joy!


The brunch spread


Me & the star of the day - Happy Mother's Day!


A treasured picture of all of us


Rounded up the day with some poker fun

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May 11, 2009 at 8:45 am

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A&B Turn Three!

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Ah, my lovely godsons. I still remember the day these little creatures, craddled in our arms, became our godsons. I can’t believe they are three now, all in a flash!

Their cute little remarks in their even cuter baby voices, their cheeky grins, the sounds of ‘godmama’ coming out from these angels, their hearty squeals that evoke total joy – I love these boys to bits!

The expressive, funny-faced boy in blue is Aiden, minutes older than Brayden, the dazed-looking boy in red. As you would’ve guessed it, standing behind them are their proud parents Shawn and Angeline with Cheryl, their latest addition in my sis-in-law’s arms.

On their birthday this year, we had cake-cutting followed by some finger foods. The boys lost interest in the spread quite quickly. Clearly, the highlight of the party for them, was presents-opening time. See them crowding round their huge pile of presents – kids are so incredibly fortunate these days!


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May 11, 2009 at 8:44 am

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