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Robbo’s Bday

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It’s been awhile since we hung out with Rob, my lil bro since he just returned from his student exchange in France. It was his birthday and we chose to chill out at the Botanic Gardens @ Halia.

For an age gap of five years, my bro and I share an amazingly close relationship. Sharing heaps of cuddles and kisses through the years, the boy followed me to bookstores, chilled out with me in cafes, he’s quite a darling for most part of the times ;p  

I hope we remain close for the years to come and you know ygj always loves you, Rob!


Love this pic of Rob & Jac - sweet =)


He hates this pic, but I love his toothsome grin =)


The ones with the chilli crab spaghettini... slurp!


Jac with her char siew salmon & me with my tofu aubergine


Wishing upon his birthday parfait - the young ginger pineapple dessert was refreshing!


People tell us we look alike, do we?


We just had to top the meal off with a tray of tea treats!


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May 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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