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I prefer to serve wholesome, healthy breakfast to my husband. Think whole grains, less sugar, low fat, unprocessed – you get the idea. Sometimes though, I like to give him a treat. Especially when I’m out and I see something he would enjoy for next day’s breakfast. We all need a little variety, don’t we? 

This was what Ky had on the eve of Sharon’s wedding – char siew paus and lao po bing from Crystal jade accompanied with Chinese white leaf tea.


Now what has this got to do with Sharon? You see strangely enough, I was inspired that morning to tweak our gatecrashing eats to dim sum ‘treats’ to match Sharon’s Oriental wedding theme!

Instead of just the vinegar & lime mixture , we’ll serve xiao long baos drenched in the sour concoction. Instead of the honey & condensed milk mixture, we’ll serve egg tarts heavily covered with honey. For spicy, we can top siew mais and har gaus with wasabi and chilli padi.

Evil dim sums seems like a totally brilliant idea!


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May 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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