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I Found a Friend

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How often can you say that these days? Not very often I’d think with everyone’s schedule packed to the brim. You may meet someone you think you could potentially develop a great friendship with, but it takes real effort get out there.

It didn’t help that I’ve discovered over the years that I’m in essence, a very closed up kind of person. I don’t think I come across having such a personality since I’m not the least bit shy or reserved.

Yet, to open up whole-heartedly is something I always find challenging. I need to feel extremely comfortable and safe with a person before I can share my views unbarred.

It was easy with Sharon, a friend I met just three years ago – living proof that it’s not the length of the friendship that matters. I guess it really helped that we have very similar takes to situations and share very similar views right from the start.

But more importantly, Sharon is what I call a tactful truthful friend – the kind of friend everyone needs and ought to be very thankful for if you found one.

Self-discovery is an amazing journey. I used to think I can’t take criticisms well. But I’ve since realized it’s really the manner that it’s delivered that makes the difference. No one likes a helpful but very hurtful criticism, no?

Sharon is a master at telling you what you need to know, however upsetting it may be, without upsetting you – a real gem to have!

Here’s a recent pic (pardon the blurry image) of us at PS Palais going through her wedding details. Congrats on the wedding, babe!



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May 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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