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Ky and I were brought up in families that function very differently. My parents have always been really warm, affectionate and generous with hugs and kisses.

And I see that in all of us siblings, we are chatty, expressive and we show our feelings openly. Sometimes too openly. We tend to raise our voices more than necessary just to get heard sometimes, we have the shouty gene. Everyone needs to be heard. 

Ky’s family, in comparison, is a whole lot more reserved and almost a little distant. But of course, the good thing’s that there are never any fights at home.

Yet, our moms are alike in more ways than I imagined. They are both sociable and they love people. And most of all, they take such good care of their families. I always tell Ky how blessed we both are, to grow up in the care of our loving moms, who dish out the best home-cooked meals.

The two moms also share a romantic streak – they adore flowers. Here’s a pic of the bouquet we got for my mom-in-law this Mother’s Day.


A pic of my beautiful mom and the lilies we gave her on her birthday. Check out her outfit – ain’t she chic? =)



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May 11, 2009 at 8:36 am

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