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A&B Turn Three!

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Ah, my lovely godsons. I still remember the day these little creatures, craddled in our arms, became our godsons. I can’t believe they are three now, all in a flash!

Their cute little remarks in their even cuter baby voices, their cheeky grins, the sounds of ‘godmama’ coming out from these angels, their hearty squeals that evoke total joy – I love these boys to bits!

The expressive, funny-faced boy in blue is Aiden, minutes older than Brayden, the dazed-looking boy in red. As you would’ve guessed it, standing behind them are their proud parents Shawn and Angeline with Cheryl, their latest addition in my sis-in-law’s arms.

On their birthday this year, we had cake-cutting followed by some finger foods. The boys lost interest in the spread quite quickly. Clearly, the highlight of the party for them, was presents-opening time. See them crowding round their huge pile of presents – kids are so incredibly fortunate these days!



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May 11, 2009 at 8:44 am

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