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Mom’s Birthday Tunch

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Mom’s birthday fell on a Tuesday this year. Dad was back on the weekend before and we had our dinner celebration at Man Fu Yuan. With Dad the traditionalist around, we always end up at Chinese restaurants for meals somehow. 

Among the kids, we have one undergrad, one master student, one aspiring webpreneur and my big sis who is able to take half day leave quite easily. So on Mom’s birthday, the kids took her out for lunch at Tatsuya, Goodwood Park Hotel. Here’s a pic of Mom and me. She loves her flowers and I love her so =) 


The food at Tatsuya, was good as always. Mom and I enjoyed our Ladies Lunch much.


The Yoongs are big on cafe culture. So right after lunch, we headed to the hotel’s lounge. Love this pic – so much excitement over what to order hah!


Predictably, Mom couldn’t resist the durian temptations at the deli. We ordered a durian roll, a durian strudel and a hazelnut crunch cake (for Jac who doesn’t take durian), add on some tea and coffee, it was a wonderful after-meal treat and a perfect afternoon out!


See Mom savoring every morsel of the durian delight haha!


We call us ‘The Four Sisters’ – a term Mom’s always delighted to hear gee!



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May 8, 2009 at 2:41 am

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