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Making breakfast for my husband! A famous food writer (can’t recall who! or was it a chef?) once said breakfast, when done properly, could well be the best meal of the day. I’ll have to agree. 

It’s a nice feeling to start the day right by having a hearty healthful breakfast. Since Ky’s work schedule can be somewhat erratic, I’ve come to realize breakfast is the only sure meal I get to put together for him. 

I usually plan ahead what to serve but there’s no denying I have my lazy days, and on such days I just make sure the pantry is stocked with a loaf of bread, cereals/ muesli and milk/ juice. But most of the times, I’ve realized with a bit of planning, it’s really quite a breeze to make a simple, good breakfast.

I try to keep things varied with a balanced mix of sweet & savory, different textures, colors and styles ranging from the staples (bread & cereal) to Western (wraps, sandwiches, eggs, pancakes) to local flavors (stir fried noodles, porridge, sweet soups, paus). And I always make sure there’s a small portion of fruits. 

This is what Ky had this morning – caramelized onion omelette, a small bowl of cereals with milk and some fruits.



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May 7, 2009 at 3:16 pm

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