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The Most Gracious Guests

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So we’ve been hosting endless house parties in our new home. Being an inexperienced (yet somewhat ambitious) host, I inevitably find myself analyzing every party we organized, in an effort to make the next one better.

Given that we are such amateur home entertainers, there are always new tips and lessons to pick up, and it’s no exception with the housewarming dinner we had with Ky’s colleagues last Friday.

Mistake #1 (something that still happens for every party): Portion estimation! I always have tons of leftovers and it’s no fun eating the same stuff for the next few days. I need to remind myself guests fill up on a bit of everything and stop worrying about not having enough food. Ky suggests I halve everything I have in mind to prepare.

Mistake #2 (something I knew beforehand but still thought I could manage): I looked at my menu and it crossed my mind I had quite a few items (chicken wings, pizzas, wedges) all fighting for the oven. I thought I would just pop everything in and they’ll be ready in no time. BUT I should have realized how food disappears faster than you can say fast with a group of ten! And all of a sudden, the food in the oven seemed to take forever to cook and I found myself agonizing when the pizzas were going to brown! More make-ahead food the next time round!

But nothing beats Mistake #3.


I prepared tiramisu served in individual wine glasses (thought it’d be quite a mess for ten persons to eat from the same bowl) for desserts. I thought I spotted a glimmer of delight when I handed the guests their desserts. Really, it couldn’t get any worse to have raised the guests’ expectations and then for them to taste the worst tiramisu ever – the creamy parts were all hardened up in clots! I could have just killed myself!!

To be honest, I was feeling rather queasy about desserts for the evening since I didn’t actually try it prior to serving. I’d wanted to make extra glasses so I could taste it before bringing it out but there wasn’t enough cream to go around. Still if I’d tasted it earlier in the day, I would have tried letting them sit out a bit. And if they still didn’t taste right, I could quickly work on backup desserts, run out to get a few tubs of ice cream or something. 


I had a strong urge to stand up and stop the guests from eating the hardened tiramisu. But that would put them in a really awkward spot….. more agonizing moments!!!

The guests, however, didn’t flinch though I was certain they concealed it so well. Most of them actually finished their desserts – how gracious!


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April 29, 2009 at 1:32 am

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