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My Favorite Kind of Sweets

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I’m a typical girl. I love all kinds of sweet. Cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates, ice cream – you name it, I love it. Yet if we were ever allowed to pick only one kind of sweets for the rest of our lives (which would be really cruel, I must say), I’ll have to go for Chinese sweet soups.

It could be that I grew up on sweet soups that make them such comfort food. With different kinds of beans, grains and herbs, the permutation to sweet soups is limitless.

And the best thing about them? They are simple to make, the ingredients are highly affordable, they taste good and are so nutritious! I find it’s such a versatile food in that I can have it almost at any time of the day – be it over breakfast, tea breaks, as desserts after meals or as suppers.

One of my all-time favorite is green bean soup. I like it on its own or cooked with sweet potato, white fungus or barley. And coz they cook really quickly (in less than 30 mins), I find myself cooking it quite often at night for next day’s breakfast.

Just throw in the beans, leave them to boil for 30 mins while you get ready to bed and a pot of piping hot, nourishing soup will be waiting for you in no time. I especially love the waft of pandan aroma while the soup is brewing!


This is what I made for breakfast a couple of days back – a mix of green beans, barley, sago and wolfberries. Green bean is known to remove toxins and clear heat, barley smoothens complexion, sago nourishes the spleen and alleviates indigestion and wolfberry fruit reinforces the vital energy. 

Imagine all these goodness packed in every mouthful of the soup, this gotta be good stuff! =) Now what’s your favorite kind of sweets?


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April 28, 2009 at 12:48 pm

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