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I surely haven’t! Heard a ‘pop’ sound one morning last week, it was like a small plank or shelf sliding off the wall. I didn’t actually think much of it, still I got out of the study just to make sure things were right. Imagine my shock when I stepped into the kitchen!

My kitchen hob was totally shattered and I wasn’t even cooking! Nothing was happening in the kitchen and it cracked just like this!

Sigh, no one likes a disruptive event like this. I grudgingly dug out the warranty (thank goodness it’s still covered!), called up Electrolux and arranged for a replacement. I badly needed the kitchen to be ready since we were hosting a dinner party in three days’ time.

The guy came down the next day and did a very efficient job in replacing the hob. I had to check with him what could have caused the crack. I mean, my mom cooks massively and I’ve never heard or seen anything like this. He agreed it’s a rare situation and the closest guess he could come up with was that the glass already had hairline cracks prior to installation. Tough luck!


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April 28, 2009 at 8:37 am

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