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An Early Birthday Present

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It seemed like a Carrie Bradshaw moment when I asked for a cabinet for my birthday this year – except it’s for my kitchenware (Ky has more clothes than me actually)!

I’ve always wanted a display cabinet from Day 1 but held back because:

– We were careful not to clutter our 86 sqm home from the start, better to add piece by piece, item by item we thought

– I didn’t expect to get carried away kitchen-shopping (though everyone tells me I’m so going to need extra storage the way I was shopping)!

– We needed a break from home improvements having survived housemoving, major cleaning/organizing and endless housewarming parties

But I must have recovered from all exhaustion. Coz I found myself experimenting different ways of arranging our furniture, hoping to open up just some space for the cabinet.

The final straw came when I broke a couple of teacups a few days back, while reaching for something in the kitchen cabinet which was filled way to the brim. Clearly, something had to be done.

Ky knows me too well and suggested an early trip to Ikea. Of course I couldn’t resist! Here’s what we brought home:


I must say it’s not the prettiest cabinet but I’m more than happy. It’s simple, functional and affordable – something Ikea is so good at making!

Spent a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon cleaning, organizing and arranging this lovely addition. And I still can’t believe we managed to fit this in without cramming up our place too much! Will post a pic of it in its full glory once I’m done arranging.

Ky smugly asked ‘you couldn’t have waited till your birthday could you?’, well he was right!


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April 20, 2009 at 8:52 am

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